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Today I did the most amazing thing...

I sat on my ass! Then around 4 my uncle's girlfriend came by to pick her computer up and paid me (hurray. Then I finally drove the car to see if the exhaust manifold patch worked - it did. Then... Then... yeah, Not much else exciting happened. My mom made the best chili - MMMMMM.

What else? Let's see... I tried playing a cd I made in my car but my car cd player is almost 13 yrs old so it skipped because it didn't like the type of cd I burned. :(

I ate a king size Reese's w/ some 7up for Dessert... Took a nap and watched some TV. What a hard day...
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oohh, i have one of those old cd players too, must be at least 5 years old, it won't play cds burned at high speeds. they just skip around like crazy. i record at 6x max. HEH.

but yeah, dessert. mmmmm. dessert....